The administrative court confirms the authorization of the shooting of the wolf

The Nîmes administrative court rejected One Voice’s request. The association which fights in a “non-violent way for the fundamental rights of animals and for the dignity of each individual” had seized the court on November 7. She wanted to cancel the decrees issued by the prefects of Haute-Loire and Lozère at the end of October authorizing the shooting of samples against wolves, in three municipalities in these departments. The court rejected these judgments for lack of serious doubts.

In its request, the association had expressed doubts about the effective protection of sheep by breeders, denounced the lack of gradation of shots and the effectiveness of the measure. She felt that the prefects had chosen “social peace” to the detriment of a protected species.

Prefectural decrees still in force

The administrative court of Nîmes rejected these arguments. The prefectural decrees are therefore still in force and sampling shots against wolves remain authorized. One Voice can now challenge this decision before the administrative court of appeal.

According to the state count, 79 wolf attacks were referenced in Lozère for 625 victims. These prefectural decrees were the first authorizing sampling shots in the department.

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