The actors leaving to shoot a film after the end of the series on Netflix

Never say never “. Even if the adage is not the most original, it seems that it sums up the state of mind of the actors of Lucifer. This Friday, Netflix put the series’ very last season online and, although it was saved for the first time after its cancellation by Fox in 2018, the fiction embodied by Tom Ellis definitely came to an end at the end of the ten years. episodes of this season.

However, the actors and actresses of the series do not rule out any possibility of a potential return. While Tom Ellis confirmed that “for now, it is the end of the series as we know it”, the comedian launched a message of hope by indicating that he would like to slip into the skin again. of his character, but this time on the big screen. “The idea of ​​maybe making a little film Lucifer one day, I’m not against it, but I think that the series as we know it and with which we fell in love ended with certainty ”, he confided to the American media Entertainment Tonight.

DB Woodside, who played Amenadiel from season one, shares that sentiment. “I don’t see how any of us could say no” to a sequel, the actor said. On one condition: that it is something that fans of the series are clamoring for, added the comedian, who is still looking forward to taking a few vacations and spending time with his family. No season 7 for Lucifer, but a 007 fate?

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