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The secrets of the color duck blue

This atypical blue full of character takes its name from Mallard duck. This rich shade is tinted with green, for a rendering that is as luminous as it is deep. While duck blue is easy to crack, it can also impress. Good news: it does not need to be worked in solid on large surfaces to make all its effect! And although it is beautiful in wall covering, it gives character to an interior even when used in small touches.

Small plus: duck blue goes just as perfectly with wood as it does with stone or waxed concrete. On the color side, we like it with a spicy yellow, a deep red or a beautiful orange shade, but also with wiser colors – such as gray or simply white. In short ! This blue can do everything, and it will thus find its place in any type of interior: classic chic, bohemian, art deco, contemporary … But in fact, in which room to use it? The one you like! Because duck blue is as fresh as it is cozy, and it fits as well in the bedroom or in the living room as in the kitchen or the bathroom!

What is the RAL of duck blue?

The duck blue color is divided into 3 different shades according to the RAL color chart:

  • RAL 5021 : which is the darkest shade. For this shade, we often use the name Azure blue.
  • RAL 5009 : which is slightly lighter than the previous one. For this shade, we often use the name water blue.
  • RAL 5018 : which is the clearest of the three. For this shade, the name turquoise blue is often used;
Duck Blue Shades Color Chart
© House Minutes

To differentiate the color duck blue, here are other shades and shades, which they are NOT considered in the family of duck blue.

Other Shades Of Blue

Duck blue: the most beautiful color combinations

Retro Duck Blue Curtain
© Houses Of The World

Printed curtains without darkening the room? A mission for the duck blue and white tandem! This trendy blue dust off this pattern straight out of the 1970s! A retro spirit, but not too much, for a cozy and sophisticated decor.

Duck Blue White Gold
© Goal

Duck blue brings a breath of fresh air to this classic chic living room, which takes on a very contemporary feel. We love the nice contrast with the pure white of the fireplace and the woodwork, which gives a beautiful relief to the room.

Duck Blue Architectural Deco
© Dulux Valentine

Duck blue provides a sublime backdrop for white and all of its variations. Sublimated by this exceptional blue green, the nuances and textures stand out nicely. And a simple collection of vases suddenly turns into an architectural composition …

Duck Blue Anthracite
© Ikea

We often hear that duck blue does not go well with dark colors. It is true that the association needs to be handled with care. The association of duck blue and a blue or a beautiful anthracite is daring, but paying off: here is a room with assumed theatricality, which does not forget to be cozy!

Duck Blue And Black Wallpaper
© 4 Walls

Character and light? We dare the trio! In this incredibly charming bathroom, duck blue adds a twist to the classic combination of black and white. And we love it!

Duck Blue And Camaieu Green Blue
© Farrow & Ball

The duck blue works of course in shades. We melt for this very in-depth variation on the theme of blue / green!

Blue Camaieu Nursery
© Tollens

Composed of a good dose of green, duck blue gives a boost to shades of blue, without harming the soothing atmosphere of this child’s room.

Duck Blue And Acidulated Colors
© Farrow & Ball

Fancy a touch of pop? Duck blue works wonderfully with bright colors, even downright neon!

Duck Blue, Purple, Pink And Yellow
© Graham & Brown

Duck blue goes well with bright colors: raspberry pink, lemon yellow, electric violet… A harmony that works even better in bouquet, as on this wallpaper as dapper as it is extravagant.

Duck Blue And Curry Yellow
© Houses Of The World

Duck blue and curry yellow go together perfectly! This spicy duo is not exclusively reserved for exotic interiors: you just need to dose it well, and temper it with soft undertones, such as pale blue or mouse gray.

Duck Blue And Orange
© La Redoute Interieurs

The win-win association? Duck blue and orange: two colors that enhance each other!

Duck Blue And Terra Cotta
© Homemaison

If duck blue and red form a flamboyant tandem, in the bedroom, we prefer a pink pulling on terra-cotta, more relaxing.

Duck Blue And Neutral Colors
© Tollens

To take advantage of the beautiful personality of duck blue, we associate it with neutral and natural colors. Plum, taupe or mint green make up a perfect palette to temper your strong personality!

Duck Blue And Pastel Garland, Graphics Prints
© Leroy Merlin

Duck blue comes into play, and this nursery comes to life! Blue, green or very pale pink take on all their relief against this inimitable blue / green!

Duck Blue, Pastels And Honey
© Leroy Merlin

In this Scandinavian interior, the alliance of duck blue and pastel shades is warmed by a honey color which brings an irresistibly cozy touch!

Duck Blue And Brass
© Made

For a soft and sophisticated interior at the same time, we love the combination of pink, gray and duck blue!

Duck Blue Taupe Pattern Wallpaper
© Graham & Brown

A duo of duck blue and taupe, and here is a country-inspired print suddenly takes on a deliciously arty air.

Duck blue: the most beautiful combinations of materials

Scandinavian Duck Blue Sofa And Berber Carpet
© Goal

Duck blue works wonders on textiles. This color is enough to transform a sofa with a classic structure into a real centerpiece of the living room.

Duck Blue Linen Lava Bed Linen
© Cherry White

The duck blue color particularly enhances natural materials, starting with washed linen.

Duck Blue Bed Linen And Raw Materials
© Houses Of The World

Naturally elegant and sophisticated, duck blue produces a very beautiful effect when combined with raw natural materials: wool, wood, wicker …

Duck Blue And Linen
© Farrow & Ball

A marble side table, a Berber carpet, a sofa with a slow life spirit, a lighting with an industrial spirit … duck blue goes well with raw materials as well as the most luxurious. A versatile temperament that makes it the perfect shade to give consistency to this successful mix’n match decor!

Duck Blue Brass 2
© Made

The duck blue color goes well with metals, especially brass. A delicately designed design, which brings a touch of refinement to the living room decor. Unless you install this beautiful piece of furniture in the entrance, to set the tone!

Duck Blue And Oak
© Ikea

The duck blue perfectly emphasizes the wood. A lick of paint on the wall, and this Scandinavian-inspired oak kitchen reveals its sublime golden nuances.

Duck Blue Or Peacock Blue And Wood
© Leroy Merlin

The duck blue color is just as effective in bringing out the subtleties of this delicately pink essence!

Duck Blue And Deco Metal
© Graham & Brown

A duck blue wall serves as a backdrop for the living room furniture. To dust off the vintage spirit of this refined furniture, we fall for metallic accessories. The secret ? Choose the shade carefully, favoring a palette that goes from golden yellow to coppery.

Duck Blue And Light Wood Kids Room
© 4 Walls

A very light wood, which draws itself gently in a duck blue setting: a simple and effective idea for a child’s room with a gentle jungle spirit!

Total Look Duck Blue
© Ikea

If the duck blue color enhances the wood, it also knows how to dress it brilliantly. We love the total look for this cleverly vegetated cabinet.

Duck And Plum Blue
© Graham & Brown

At the heart of this space dressed in duck blue, we only see the sublime plum velvet sofa. Combination of colors, finish and choice of materials: here is a living room that has it all!

  Duck Blue Velvet Curtain
© Houses Of The World

Rich and deep, the duck blue color lends itself to precious fabrics. Here, it works wonders on velvet. This elegant blue / green also works on silk or any type of moiré fabric. We particularly like the contrast with the naturalness of the rattan.

Duck Blue And Bright Colors Resin Bench
© Houses Of The World

If it is terribly trendy, duck blue also knows its classics: it is undoubtedly the perfect color to give a second wind to the iconic resin bench!

Mate Faience
© La Redoute Interieurs

If duck blue dresses walls and furniture with panache, it also invests in decorative accessories… and crockery! We love this earthenware with a matte finish, absolutely stunning!

Duck blue: the prettiest decoration tips

Duck Blue And Velvet And Dark Wood
© Graham & Brown

Did you spot her? The plinth is painted in a slightly darker tone than the wall. The room is thus adorned with a duck blue that respects its luminosity, while the golden parquet is all the more resplendent. Little cheating, big effect!

Duck Blue Stone And Plexi
© Dulux Valentine

Duck blue belongs to the rich colors that give depth. To enhance the volumes of the room, there is no obligation to work it over the entire surface: a generous horizontal strip is sufficient. And here is a corner that could pass for a defect suddenly gives character to the room!

Duck Blue Garden Furniture
© Houses Of The World

Rather than the total duck blue look, why not dare to mix the colors? A tip that works both indoors and outdoors!

Duck Blue Pendant
© Leroy Merlin

With its sublime personality, the color duck blue does not need to overdo it to shine. The proof with this children’s room, very soft and bright, in which the pendant light brings a touch of originality.

Duck Blue Cushion In Industrial Deco
© Houses Of The World

We hardly notice it. However, it is indeed the duck blue that brings the little touch of freshness that awakens this resolutely industrial decor and makes it sparkle!

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