The 20 largest sailing yachts in the world

In the classic sense, a sailing yacht is a ship that is primarily powered by wind power. However, the wind is not always quite enough for the colossuses in this photo series.

The first place is actually not a sailor

This is particularly evident in first place. The sailing yacht “A” of the Russian oligarch Andrei Melnichenko leads the ranking with 143 meters, but cheats a little. Because although the “A” offers a considerable area for wind power with 4500 square meters of sails according to a ranking by the industry magazine “Yacht”, strictly speaking it is a sail-assisted motor yacht. The monster draws most of its power from four engines with a total output of 11,693 hp.

This is good news, especially for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, because the Dutch shipyard Oceanco is currently building another ocean giant, currently known under the project name “Y721”. This is a giga yacht with a length of 127 meters and three huge masts, which make the ship a thoroughbred sailing yacht – actually number one in this ranking. Depending on how accurate you take it.

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Guest on a giga yacht

The story of the “Sea Cloud”, the previous number two, is particularly exciting. Unlike most of the other ships on this list, you can be a guest on the giant sailboat yourself. This is because the historic ship, which sailed around the world as early as 1931, is owned by the German company “Sea Cloud Cruises”, which organizes trips with the yacht. For six nights and a trip from Casablanca to Gran Canaria, 3195 euros are due here – a snap compared to the prices at which you can charter one or the other yacht in these pictures.

What is striking when looking at the owners of the ships is the colorful mixture of numerous nationalities. While Russians and Arabs in particular are pushing their way to the top of the list for motor yachts, the world comes together in the top ten. The “Eos” in fourth place belongs to the American Barry Diller, the German Jürgen Großmann takes the seventh place with his “Aquijo”, the sixth place belongs to the Greek Elene Ambrosiadou and place eight is taken by the Taiwanese Samuel Yin with the “Sea Eagle 2”.

Famous but thrifty owners

The great-granddaughters of the Gucci founder are also among the owners, as is Rupert Murdoch’s son and the King of Morocco.

And although the prices for the largest yachts are of course in the hundreds of millions of euros, the sums for the ships from fourth place decrease noticeably. For example, the “Eos” costs only around 70 million euros, while the ship of the Gucci granddaughters, the “Creole”, is “only” 20 million euros. Both the purchase prices and the operating costs are therefore significantly lower than for giga yachts with combustion engines.

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Of course, there are also a few record holders among the ships: the “Mirabella V” is the largest single-masted ship in the world, the “Aquijo” the largest ketch (sailboat with two masts) and the “Atlantic” would theoretically be the oldest ship in the series if the ship would not be a replica of the original built in 1903.


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