Thanks to the GPS tracker of his bike, he finds the thief who has just robbed him.

Sunday evening, while he was away from his home, a Toulouse man received an alert telling him that his bike, supposed to be parked, was moving. Neither one nor two, he returned hurriedly to his home, not far from the Abattoirs museum, to find that he had just been robbed, his accommodation being upside down. And his two-wheeler was no longer actually where he had left it.

Determined to track down his thief, he decided to follow the GPS signal from his bike’s tracker. After a few minutes, he spotted a man walking beside his two-wheeler. He then called the police and decided to follow the thug. Arrived on the spot, the members of the police arrested the 50-year-old man who had on him several objects that had just been stolen. These were returned to their owner who filed a complaint. The burglar ended his evening in police custody and was still there early Monday afternoon.

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