Tessa Bergmeier: Does the ex-“GNTM” model move to the jungle camp?

Tessa Bergmeier
Does the ex-“GNTM” model move to the jungle camp?

Tessa Bergmeier is said to be one of the candidates for the new jungle camp season.

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Apparently, the jungle camp is slowly getting fuller. Allegedly, ex-“GNTM” model Tessa Bergmeier will also be there

RTL apparently has another participant for the upcoming season of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” found. Although it won’t start until the beginning of 2023, it should already start now according to a report by the “Bild” newspaper supposedly certain that the former “Germany’s next top model” candidate Tessa Bergmeier (33) is moving to the jungle camp.

The model was best known for the fourth season of “GNTM”. However, when Bergmeier held up the middle finger in the camera in 2009, she had to leave the show. So now she is supposed to move into the notorious TV jungle, but her answer to the daily newspaper’s inquiry at least doesn’t sound like it: “Every year I get messages like this with the assumption that I’m a candidate and every year they turned out to be wrong. ” The broadcaster has also not wanted to comment on the alleged obligation for the coming season.

Who else is there?

The “Bild” newspaper, which is usually well informed on such issues, has reported in the past few weeks, among other things, that alleged trash TV macho Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (23), reality TV star Yeliz Koc (29), the Make-up artist Djamila Rowe (55), YouTuber Lisha (36), ex-“Bachelor” Andrej Mangold (35), the influencer Twenty4tim (22) and Patrick Romer (26) from “Bauer sucht Frau” could be there. Fans of the format can also count on Lucas Cordalis (55). The singer had missed the last season because of a corona infection.

In January, the 16th season of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” start. Because of Corona, we went to South Africa in 2022, and the show should take place again in Australia in 2023. In addition to Sonja Zietlow (54), Daniel Hartwich (44) will no longer be in front of the cameras as a moderator. After Hartwich announced his departure from the format, Jan Köppen (39) will replace his colleague.


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