Terra’s Largest Anchor DeFi Protocol Announces Changes to ANC Airdrop Rules

The second largest DeFi protocol by total value of locked assets (TVL) is about to reform its airdrop policy, with the decision being approved by a community referendum on Anchor’s forums.

According to a statement shared by the Anchor Protocol team, the final airdrop of ANC tokens went to LUNA stakers.

On April 12, 2022, it was proposed to halt the airdrop project as the increased release becomes more and more dangerous for the stability of ANC tokens.

A total of 12.83% of Anchor Protocol (ANC) enthusiasts participated in the referendum on the proposal, with 98.5% of those who voted in favor of it.

Therefore, the airdrop program will be discontinued, with those who have not previously claimed the tokens from the airdrops before June 1, 2022.

The remaining 74,07,000 ANC in the Anchor Airdrop contract will be transferred to the Anchor Protocol community pool.

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