Television: Anja Reschke starts a new late-night show in February

Anja Reschke starts a new late-night show in February

From February, Anja Reschke will be presenting the late-night show “Reschke Fernsehen” on the first. photo

© Thorsten Jander/NDR/ARD/dpa

A new show on ARD should only be broadcast late in the evening. It promises seriously researched information mixed with quality entertainment.

The “Panorama” presenter Anja Reschke goes on the air on February 2nd with a new ARD show in the late program. According to the NDR report on Monday, the 50-year-old spends “30 minutes on a socially relevant topic that she keeps getting to the bottom of” on “Reschke Fernsehen” on the first broadcast.

Regarding the character of the show, it said: “Speckled with amusing clips and quotes, “Reschke Fernsehen” shows narrative connections and backgrounds. The basis of the show is journalistic research, but the basic tone is entertaining.” The first show on Thursday, February 2 at 11:35 p.m. is about “Bavaria, the CSU and their special relationship with the rest of the republic”. The first season of “Reschke Fernsehen” comprises five episodes, with a total of twelve episodes planned for this year. Anja Reschke about her new show: “We’re going back to the good, old, reliable values ​​of television: serious information and entertainment with quality. The show should be fun, but in the end there is also knowledge.”

The name of the program goes back to a discussion in 2016 on the ARD talk show “Hart aber fair”, in which Anja Reschke and Alexander Gauland (AfD) were guests. When asked why his party called the media the “lying press,” Gauland replied that he didn’t call it the lying press, but “Reschke Fernsehen.”


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