Telekom, Vodafone, O2: Fixed Germany-wide disruptions in mobile phone networks

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Germany-wide interference in cell phone networks fixed

No more connection – in Germany the complaints about failed telephone connections increased.

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Massive disruptions have made it difficult for O2 customers to make calls. Now the provider reports that the problems have been resolved.

Complaints had accumulated throughout Germany that all mobile phone providers were disrupted when making calls. The portal “allfaults” indicated that the reports at O2, Vodafone and Telekom were equally affected. O2 turned out to be the cause – because the disruptions all related to the Telefonica network.

O2 names faulty server as the cause

In the meantime, the network disruption has been resolved, as announced by O2. “The disruption to the telephony in our network has been completely resolved. Our customers have been able to make full calls since late yesterday evening. After the failure of a voice server, our technical experts immediately took the necessary measures and the network was back in no time successfully stabilized. The last follow-up work was then completed around 11 p.m. on Thursday. We very much regret the inconvenience caused to customers by the disruption to voice telephony,” the company wrote.

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Vodafone and Telekom confirmed the failures, Telekom wanted via Twitter much luck. There it said: “Telekom’s mobile network is not affected by this disruption. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for our colleagues in Munich that the disruption can be rectified quickly. Separate in color, united in substance.” Vodafone also commented on the difficulties in reaching O2: “There are currently restrictions on mobile telephony in the direction of Telefónica. Our technicians are working on a solution for you. So that everything will soon be running as before.”

Failure of emergency numbers

The control centers of the police and fire brigade were also affected by the problems. Hamburg citizens were informed via Katwarn that the emergency calls 110 and 112 had failed. The police tweathered: “At the moment there seems to be disruption in the entire Hamburg telephone network. In some cases, both some of our departments and the emergency call 110 are affected. As soon as communication by telephone is reliably possible again, we will contact you.”

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