Telekom Electronic Beats: There is now a new club in the Metaverse

Telekom Electronic Beats
There’s a new club in the Metaverse

“Beatland” by Telekom Electronic Beats: Avatar Boris Brejcha.

© The Gang, Telekom Electronic Beats

In the new “Beatland” music fans can go to the club, to the cinema or to the record store and experience the virtual world with their avatars.

The Metaverse has a new playground for music fans: On April 20, Telekom Electronic Beats will open the virtual club experience “Beatland” on the online platform Roblox. Here, users can visit a club with their avatars, browse in a record store or go to the cinema.

The opening will of course – as with every club opening – be duly celebrated: DJ Boris Brejcha (40) will play several gigs in the virtual club on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th. The German techno producer and DJ with the Venetian mask says about the innovative concept: “In the field of clubbing, reality and meta-level merge today. We all strive for new technologies and innovations in club culture.” He’s really looking forward to his sets as an avatar and interacting with the community.

Music, Movies, Design: Real Art in the Metaverse

In addition to the “real” DJ in “Beatland”, users can also view real art that deals with current social issues: In the cinema there are animated short films by the excellent director Haein Kim and the digital artist Aleksandra Bokova. Real artists are also behind the virtual world itself: “Beatland” was developed in cooperation with the design studio Yukiko from Berlin and the animation artist Jack Sachs.

Be a bouncer once

And there is also something to do! Anyone who has always wanted to be a bouncer, stand behind the bar or manage a record store can try their hand at various nightlife jobs. Consumption is also possible: Outfits and numerous digital items (“Verch”) can be purchased for the virtual currency earned. The “Beat Coins” can be collected through completed tasks in “Beatland”.

Wolfgang Kampbartold, VP International Market, Communications at Deutsche Telekom, is excited to see how the concept will be received and “how the audience will liven up our virtual club”. The newly created world of music is also to be used in the future as a supplement to Telekom’s actual programming.


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