Teens cause panic in high school by shooting a replica gun

It was March 2. That afternoon, two 15-year-old teenagers from outside the Jacques-Audiberti high school in Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes) managed to enter the courtyard, causing a real scene of panic by drawing a weapon, learned 20 minutes from concordant sources, confirming information from Nice morning. The pistol, in fact an airsoft type replica, terrified those who saw it.

Especially since one of the two intruders even used it, shooting balls in the direction of the students. Affected, some had to go to the infirmary to treat redness or slight bleeding, according to the regional daily.

A bad joke? The two teenagers, arrested a few days later at their home, will have to explain themselves to the courts. Contacted by 20 minutesthe Grasse prosecutor’s office indicates that these “minors, without a criminal record, are summoned before the juvenile judge for a guilty hearing on April 17”.

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