Technology: The infotainment of the Porsche Cayenne facelift: A breeze Taycan

Technology: The infotainment of the Porsche Cayenne facelift
A breeze of Taycan

Facelift Porsche Cayenne interior MY 2023

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Porsche is giving the Cayenne a comprehensive facelift, which should keep the SUV fresh until the end of the decade. But the balance is also shifting in Zuffenhausen. In order to be successful in markets like China, modern infotainment is essential. The Taycan has been used diligently for this.

The sentence in the press release dealing with the facelift of the new Porsche Cayenne must go down like oil on every fan of the Zuffenhausen brand. “In the center, the focus is on the driver’s axis.” So the revised SUV whistles even more exhilarated around corners than before the facelift? Even if we can affirm this based on a first test drive of a prototype, this sentence is about the driver orientation of the infotainment as Porsche imagines it and not about stiffer bearings or wishbones. More precisely, the fact that the most important controls are grouped around the steering wheel. Which should ensure a more intense driving experience.

If you ignore the marketing statements of the previous sentence, a lot has actually happened. The interior designers have put more switches and buttons on the steering wheel than was previously the case, without overloading the steering wheel. For example, the driving mode knob (Normal, Offroad, Sport and Sport Plus) on the steering wheel rim is now standard and to operate the optional head-up display you only have to reach for one of the spokes of the valance. Good, although most adjust the windshield infotainment window before driving. Just like you don’t have to reach for the automatic lever too often. The fact that it has now moved up into the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel between the instrument cluster and the central display creates space for analog controls such as the volume knob and the rocker switches for the air conditioning on the center tunnel. They are complemented by a control element with black glass, which is used to set the details of the climate control.

A good breeze now blows through the interior of the Cayenne Taycan with three screens that take up almost the entire width of the cockpit and thus make the interior of the SUV much more modern. That was also necessary, because after this major facelift, there are at most cosmetic improvements to be made before the large Porsche SUV with a combustion engine is sent into retirement in 2030. The instrument cluster is now Taycan-style curved and now measures 12.65 inches, the center touchscreen remains at 12.3 inches and the passenger screen is 10.9 inches. As with the Porsche Stromer, a special film on this monitor ensures that the driver cannot see what is happening on the display. That’s why the pilot doesn’t lose his composure when the passenger is watching the latest version of the horror shocker “The Chainsaw Massacre”.

The fact that the infotainment is so upgraded in a sporty SUV like the Porsche Cayenne is partly due to the long service life that this model still has ahead of it and shows that the priorities of the Zuffenhausen-based company are also shifting. The diction that a Porsche driver needs no driving assistants and certainly no elaborate entertainment performance is romantic, but no longer up to date even in the dynamic flagship nine-eleven. In China in particular, infotainment is high on the list of purchase criteria. It is fitting that the facelifted Cayenne will be presented at Auto Shanghai on April 18th.

So Apple’s voice assistant Siri is also on board, the cell phone is coupled by scanning a QR code and integrated into the infotainment system via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. If you want, you can let yourself be sprinkled with the latest playlists from the Spotify and Apple Music apps. Useful details such as a 15-watt inductive charging cradle and laptop-compatible 61-watt charging via USB-C socket complete the entertainment program. The wireless charging of the smartphone is only possible with this strength because the cooling ensures that you don’t burn your fingers when you lift the cell phone out of the charging cradle. If you still prefer to charge by cable, you will find two USB ports in the front storage compartment and two for the passengers in the rear.

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