Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: What their kiss means

So far she has only been the most successful singer in the world. Since the “Kansas City Chiefs” won the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift has now become one of the most famous kissers in all the inhabited galaxies. But what does her kiss mean?

Okay, it really couldn’t be more American: Superbowl winner Travis Kelce kissed the biggest pop star of the moment after successfully completing his Sunday work. If you’re a power couple, then please!

With the two pairs of lips merged 1.1 billion (Swift) and 40 million dollars (Kelce). The kiss is the most intimate moment that a person can share with others without exposing themselves to accusations of pornography. However, this moment wasn’t really intimate: around 800 million people watched it worldwide. Over twelve bodyguards and police officers are said to have protected the lovers. According to “Bild”, a few caring FBI agents even ensured a cozy kissing atmosphere.

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