Taufkirchen – woman sets the kitchen on fire and attacks fire brigade – district of Munich

A 63-year-old woman from Taufkirchen set fire to her apartment while cooking on Tuesday and then attacked a firefighter. According to the police, a neighbor discovered the fire around 3:15 p.m. and notified the rescue control center. The fire in the kitchen was extinguished by the local fire brigade. It turned out that a mixture of oils had ignited. The 63-year-old suffered slight smoke inhalation and should be taken to a hospital in the ambulance that was called. However, she did not want to leave the apartment and even attacked a firefighter. The police forcefully took her out of her home. Because of the psychologically abnormal behavior, the 63-year-old was placed in a psychiatric facility. The police estimate the property damage caused by the fire at around 20,000 euros.

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