Taufkirchen: Planning for “Jochen Schweizer Quartier” – District of Munich

The propeller landed in the extreme east of Taufkirchen five and a half years ago – now a slash and a pentagon are to follow. At least that’s what the plans for a “Jochen Schweizer Quartier” on Ludwig-Bölkow-Allee look like, if you look at the buildings from a bird’s eye view. The “Jochen Schweizer Arena” has been in operation there since March 2017 and is shaped like a propeller – with a bodyflying wind tunnel, a surfing wave and event rooms in the three wings. A two-part building complex is now to be built to the north of it. In the west, this will be home to a bed and breakfast hotel with 170 beds in an elongated structure. A pentagonal office building with an inner courtyard is planned to the east. Representatives of Art-Invest Real Estate have now presented the associated plans to the building committee of the Taufkirchner municipal council. According to this, the excavators should start rolling at the end of next year.

It should actually have started much earlier: three years ago there was still talk of construction starting at the end of 2020. At the time, the Taufkirchner municipal council had supported the project and decided on a development plan tailored to the project. “It’s been a while,” said Mayor Ullrich Sander (independent) in the building committee. “Since then we’ve been waiting the whole time for construction to finally start. But Corona caused delays here.” In the meantime, however, one is in the process of finalizing the draft, a representative of the company Art-Invest reported to the building committee. This should be completed by the end of March, after which one wants to enter the approval phase.

The Jochen Schweizer Arena in Taufkirchen looks like a propeller when viewed from the air.

(Photo: Art Invest – Real Estate)

The plan is to develop a district “with campus character” from the fun sports facility, which is currently standing quite lonely. To this end, two office and hotel buildings, each almost 30 meters high, are planned to the north of the propeller. With its elongated shape, the latter should also serve as a barrier to the motorway. A triangular plaza will stretch between the three buildings, which will lead up several cascades to the entrances of the hotel and office building, explained the representative of Art-Invest, who praised the sustainability of the project above all in the building committee. Among other things, a roof and facade greening, a resource-saving energy supply and the use of groundwater are planned. All of this is unlikely to appease the critics of the project. In the course of the development plan process, the Greens had called for smaller and lower buildings – also with a view of the adjacent fresh air corridor.

Mayor Sander relies on a subway connection

However, a majority in the municipal council has always supported the project. However, the members of the committee showed no understanding for the desire now put forward in the committee to build fewer parking spaces in the planned underground car park than required. Art-Invest had an expert for digital parking space management with them, who tried to explain at the meeting why, thanks to a “smart parking concept”, only 207 parking spaces were needed instead of the 386 required by the parking space statute. That alone did not convince the committee. Peter Hofbauer (Free Voters) said: “Everyone tries to get the maximum out of it and therefore wants to save on parking spaces. But if it’s up to me, you can follow our parking space statutes – precisely because we don’t have good public transport here. ” And Paul Haberl (CSU) also emphasized: “We have created building rights there very generously. I see no reason why you shouldn’t build enough parking spaces.”

Meanwhile, the mayor praised the new building plans as a “project that has great appeal and will get a lot of attention”. With a view to a possible development of the area through an extension of subway line 5, Sander noted: “I hope that before the state elections a clear statement from the government can be lured out.” If the Technical University of Munich wants to realize its plans for an aerospace campus in the area, according to the head of the town hall, “then the Free State must take a clear position”.

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