Tanja May becomes deputy editor-in-chief at “Bild”. – Media

When it became known in July that Tanja May was the gossip magazine Colorful after leaving for twenty years, where she was deputy editor-in-chief, but above all chief narrator, there were already rumors about her new job. This is now confirmed by Axel Springer: May will be deputy editor-in-chief at from October Image, where she will also be responsible as the new head of entertainment for “show reporting” on TV, print and online. Her contacts and the rich experience with celebrity stories, which she sometimes wrote down with such animation that the Bunte had to subsequently blacken it, should now also benefit the television brand Bild TV. the image– Editor in Chief already consists of nine members.

Julian Reichelt, the image leads together with Alexandra Würzbach, praises Mays “feeling for the great and human stories”. The journalist once had her training image completed. In the Colorful she was long considered the future editor-in-chief. But when Patricia Riekel gave up the management of the Burda newspaper, Robert Pölzer moved up.


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