Tangerines: How to tell if the fruit is really fresh

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Unfortunately, it happens again and again that you make a mistake when buying tangerines.
How to recognize fresh tangerines.
1. If the tangerine feels suspiciously light, this is a sign that the fruit is a bit older.
2. Fresh tangerines should be nice and plump and not give way even when gently pressed. If you feel there is some air between the peel and the fruit, the tangerine might not be quite fresh.
3. The stalk of the fruit should be light and green.
4. Ideally, the tangerine should still have green leaves.
5. Tangerines with brown or mushy patches should stop buying.
If stored incorrectly, citrus fruits can quickly become moldy.
If a tangerine begins to mold, it is always advisable to discard the whole fruit.

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