Taliban unveil new government, with Mohammad Hassan Akhund as leader

The names of the Taliban who will rule Afghanistan were partly disclosed on Tuesday. Mohammad Hassan Akhund will be at the head of the country, with number two, the co-founder of the Taliban Abdul Ghani Baradar, Zabihullah Mujahid, the group’s main spokesperson, told a press conference in Kabul. Listened to by the various Taliban factions who respect him, Abdul Ghani Baradar notably led the Doha negotiations with the Americans which led to the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.

Among the other appointments announced this Tuesday evening, those of Mullah Yaqoub, son of Mullah Omar, as Minister of Defense, and Sirajuddin Haqqani, head of the Haqqani network at the Interior. Amir Khan Muttaqi, Taliban negotiator in Doha, has been appointed head of the foreign ministry. “The government is not complete,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, assuring that his movement, which promised an “inclusive” executive, would try to “take people from other regions of the country. “

The Taliban expected at the turn

Returning to power twenty years after being ousted by a coalition led by the United States, the Taliban are expected at the turn by the international community, which has warned that it would judge the Islamist movement on its actions. Its promises, especially in terms of respect for women’s rights, are struggling to convince at this stage. A sign of this mistrust, several demonstrations have been organized in Kabul in recent days by activists, joined by other Afghans who have come to denounce the regime’s violent repression in Panchir.

The Panchir, where the last pocket of armed resistance to the regime was located, “is very secure now, there is no war,” assured the Taliban spokesman. Asked about the demonstrations on Saturday, sometimes forcibly dispersed by the Taliban, he stressed that the latter “were not yet trained” in the management of the demonstrations and called on the demonstrators to warn the authorities of any gathering 24 hours a day. advance.

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