Tales from the Wild, the Web3 project brought back to life by its community

Magic. The adjective is as valid for the universe proposed by Tales From The Wild (TFTW), where certain spirits of nature decide to rebel against the outrages of man, that for the destiny of this project, which has passed from the status of a nugget of Web3 (20 Minutes had moreover devoted an article to it on 10 May 2022) to that of stillborn in the snap of a finger. Because no one gave dearly of the skin of Tales From The Wild when the company in charge, Doors, was placed in compulsory liquidation, only a few weeks after the public launch of a first collection of NFTs.

Saved by the holders

It was the holders, in other words the holders of one or more of these NFTs, who decided otherwise, by taking over the reins of TFTW, with the consent of the game’s creators. Member of the 20 Mint community, François Polverel is also one of the actors at the center of this resurrection, through a foundation entirely controlled by a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Tales From The Wild was the first guest project of 20Mint au Carré, last year, Tales From The Wild – The Return one would almost be tempted to say is the first of 2023.

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