Taiwanese man jumps from building, commits suicide after losing 68 million baht in Luna’s collapse

A man in Taichung was found dead on Tuesday after falling from his apartment. It was speculated to be a “suicide” after losing huge sums of money in the collapse of the Luna token.

As of 2 a.m. Tuesday, a resident reportedly fell from a luxury apartment building. NOWnews by reporting from The security guards working the night shift heard loud noises. So hurried out to explore. and found a seriously injured man lying on the ground

When the police arrived at the scene The man had died. The investigation revealed that the deceased was a 29-year-old tenant named Wu (吳) who lived on the 13th floor of the building.

Wu didn’t leave a clear suicide note. and there were no signs of any invasion or fighting and had tested negative for COVID.

However, after checking his phone, Wu recently complained to his relatives and friends that the value of the Luna tokens he accumulated had dropped 99% in just two days.

and also said This cost him a lot of money and made him depressed. He invested a total of $2 million in Luna tokens, but after their value collapsed. He only had $1,000 (34,000 baht) left.

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