zkSync has partnered with Espresso Systems to enable private transactions on their network.

Curve Finance will be deployed on the zkSync mainnet next year.

ZkSync Passes Security Audit, Preparing for Network Launch by 2023

zkSync Developer Matter Labs Raises $200 Million, Commits to Fully Open Source Platform

Matter Labs, the developer of zkSync, revealed that it is working on Layer 3 called “Opportunity.”

Matter Labs Launches First Phase of zkSync 2.0 Mainnet as ‘Baby Alpha’

Uniswap V3 to be deployed on zkSync 2.0 after regulatory proposal approved

zkSync will launch Layer 3 Testnet ‘Pathfinder’ in Q1 2023.

ZkSync Reveals Details About Layer 3 Technology And It Believes It Leads To Wider Adoption Of Crypto