Pullach: Elementary school is being renovated and expanded – district of Munich

Sauerlach: Alternative location for high school comes into focus – district of Munich

Pullach: Ceremony for 50 years Otfried-Preussler-Gymnasium – District of Munich

Aying: Parents taxis because of unpunctual S-Bahn – district of Munich

Neubiberg – Own school bus to bring children to Unterbiberg – district of Munich

Pullach – Otfried-Preußler-Gymnasium celebrates 50th birthday – Munich district

Garching: Play about Max Mannheimer – District of Munich

Unterhaching – children’s podcast about child labor – district of Munich

Taufkirchen – elementary school should move in the Easter holidays – district of Munich

Gräfelfing – Social science branch for Kurt-Huber-Gymnasium – district of Munich