Banksy unveils a painted work on a bombed building in Borodianka

DIRECT. “A war in the 21st century is nonsense,” says Antonio Guterres as he arrives in Borodianka, near kyiv

the Ukrainian army expects “extremely difficult weeks”, Antonio Guterres goes to Boutcha, Irpine and Borodianka

Nine bodies of civilians, some with “signs of torture”, found in Borodianka

Nine civilian bodies found in Borodianka, some with “signs of torture”…

the EU offers an additional 500 million euros to supply arms to Ukraine; the situation in Borodianka, near kyiv, “much more horrible” than in Boutcha, denounces Zelensky

testimonies of massacre in Boutcha and Borodianka are increasing, Russia denounces a “staged” but does not provide proof