2nd league: Damper for Darmstadt – Nuremberg and Bielefeld win

Five goals in the second half – a wild game between Arminia Bielefeld and FCK

Oktoberfest: Two people from Bielefeld made the Dirndl a big thing

2nd league: Bielefeld equalizes late in Darmstadt – 96 continues to win

Study by the University of Bielefeld: media distrust among young people is growing

2nd league: Bielefeld still without a win with a new coach – Fürth slips up

2nd league: Arminia Bielefeld dismisses the coach again – sport

2nd league: HSV tightens the situation in Bielefeld – Rostock-Keeper fails

3rd matchday of the 2nd division: Bankruptcy for Heidenheim and Düsseldorf – Bielefeld without a win

Fracking: Söders – Bavaria – SZ.de