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The seven-day incidence for Germany has been rising continuously for more than two weeks. And on Thursday it is 12.2. At the same time, there are more and more people who are vaccinated. And thus at least mostly protected from a difficult course.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn said in a press conference on Wednesday in relation to the seven-day incidence that 200 is the new 50: “Well, as of today, if you just look, we have 75 percent of people over 60 who are fully vaccinated . Three quarters, not a quarter. If you take the measure, you can say that 200 is the new 50. Four times that. If you just deduce it from the loads that can arise and would stand for a 50 incidence healthcare. “

Hanno Charisius from the knowledge desk still sees no reason to relax: “We are currently seeing in Germany that the incidence is increasing sharply, especially in the younger age groups this is where the virus can spread. And if an incredible number of these age groups are infected, then a few of them will end up in the hospital. And even small numbers can actually become large in the course of the weeks, including the health system again very, very demanding. “

In the podcast, Charisius explains how the current incidences are to be assessed and why we now have a completely new corona situation in front of us that is difficult to classify.

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