SZ Podcast “On the Point” – News from April 26th, 2022 – Economy

Twitter will soon be owned by Elon Musk. The tech billionaire wants to pay $44 billion for the social network. And thus broke the resistance of the board of directors of Twitter. Musk speaks of “extraordinary potential” and wants to protect freedom of speech.

Many protests started on Twitter, says SZ USA correspondent Jürgen Schmieder. “It has great social relevance and rich people like to treat themselves to such relevance.” Free speech is all well and good, but Musk can also afford the best lawyers in the world, who will “cram him out” in the case of defamation, for example. A person pays $44 billion for Twitter. “And from now on this man determines what happens with Twitter. So it’s completely insane, completely unimaginable that something like this can happen.”

The “History Daily” podcast mentioned in the podcast, you can listen here on Spotify.

Further news: UN chief calls for ceasefire, Germany supplies tanks, Karlsruhe objects to Bavaria’s constitutional protection law.

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