SZ campaign: Get fit by summer – district of Munich

The first hurdle has been cleared: those who register for running or walking training in rainy weather mean business. On Tuesday evening, 30 women and men came to the opening event of the SZ campaign “Läuft mit uns”, which the local editorial team is organizing together with TSV Unterhaching. And exactly at the moment when the beginners and returnees met their trainers and fellow athletes in front of the sports arena on the Utzweg, with whom they want to improve their fitness together in the coming weeks, the sky opened up.

Sign up with running coach Piia Lipiäinen.

(Photo: Claus Schunk)

“The sun will always shine during my training,” promised Piia Lipiäinen, who will lead the running group on Tuesdays from now on. And as enthusiastic as the TSV trainer herself is about running, you believe her. In addition, Willi Hochholzer will do the training lap with his group on Thursdays and Carmen Johannhardt on Saturdays. Hedy Nguyen offers walking on Wednesdays. If you want, you can also do something for your stamina on several dates a week. And in fact, some participants showed interest in not only lacing up their running shoes once a week.

SZ action "Run with us": The SZ welcomes the participants in front of the sports arena on the Utzweg in Unterhaching.

The SZ welcomes the participants in front of the sports arena on the Utzweg in Unterhaching.

(Photo: Claus Schunk)

“Bird flies, fish swims, man runs,” said the head of the SZ district editorial office, Lars Brunckhorst, at the start of the campaign, quoting the great runner Emil Zátopek. Initially, until July 10th, the TSV trainers will get the participants on their feet, but carefully and attuned to everyone. The aim is to run or walk at least five kilometers in one go by the summer. If you want, you can then put your new level of fitness to the test at the Unterhaching charity run “Run for Trees”. The SZ will continue to provide journalistic support for the training, and the members of the editorial team will occasionally take part in the practice sessions themselves. If you still want to join a running group at short notice, you can register at [email protected]

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