Swimwear connected and ready to send photos and messages on social networks

Give time back to time while remaining extremely connected without being dependent on the digital world. Even on vacation, in a bathing suit, whether on the beach or underwater. Putting down your phone and designing to carry high-tech technologies with you for a new way of life and to take full advantage of it, as surprising and contradictory as that may seem. This is the philosophy underlying the development of the new connected clothing from the Mulhouse-based company Spinali Design: a swimsuit… metaverse. Understanding connected to a universe that brings together the real and virtual world, a sort of future Internet. Virtual spaces that are of particular and increasing interest to the technology industry.

Because “the presence of this digital life is obvious which is essential now”, assures Romain Spinali, the company’s innovation manager. “To miss out on your holidays because you are always on your phone no longer makes sense in a world as we imagine it, he believes. On the other hand, completely cutting yourself off from the networks during your holidays also creates frustration because you want to share with people who are not necessarily next to you. The jersey provides this online presence to free up time in everyday life. »

Vibrations in the shirt

As a result, with their new version 3.0 of the swimsuit from the Neviano range, the metaverse has never been so close to our beach towel, but in complete discretion. In a way, one could say, a derivative of the right to disconnect. Spinali Design’s objective being to develop its “intelligent” swimsuit, a sort of digital assistant, it integrates an E-SIM card, like that of connected watches, to access the Internet, have Wifi, connect via Bluetooth to headphones, a keyboard or a screen if necessary, while staying in touch with life around you. “We can very well, via vibrations in the swimsuit, interact with this virtual world if we have important messages, retrieve information, but also automatically take photos and videos with a mini camera integrated into the swimsuit and post them on social media. Even, eventually, automatically if authorized. »

One of the Neviano3 swimsuits by Spinali Design – Spinali Design

The device can be triggered manually by tapping three times on a specific part of the shirt or automatically based on your heart rate. “He sees that you have a particular emotion, details Romain Spinali, and will take photos. No need to worry about what you are going to tell about your daily life, it will recover a certain number of elements. It is possible to make comments, simply by talking to your jersey. You have in fact, the diary of your day. The garment will accompany you, communicate, ensure your presence like an assistant, a digital twin. »

Communications, but also “harvesting” of information. The jersey has a UV and CO2 sensor, a heart rate sensor, a GPS, an induction system for charging the battery, an accelerometer, a QR code for repairability, the remote alert for children, for sunscreen, two vibrating chips on the right and left of the garment for new experiences.

Target audience, Youtubers? “It remains a luxury product”, around 2,190 euros, with several models, for pre-order from June 21. “It is intended above all for men and women who are well established in working life. Those who need to be connected without being dependent on the metaverse, to take advantage of the ever-increasing flow of digital information without being subjected to it, to ensure a presence in the virtual world without failing to take advantage of “real” life. It’s also a new way of thinking about wearing a swimsuit, which can be worn on different occasions during the day. “A concentrate of technology therefore, which however makes selfies impossible… But probably not to see the world differently.

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