Survival Games 2022: Fight for survival on PC, PlayStation and Xbos

“Valheim”, “Ark – Survival Evolved” or “Conan Exiles” – survival games are more popular than ever. But which classics and new releases are trendy this year?

Loot, level and craft, craft, craft – survival games are about nothing more than bare survival. And if you want to live, you have to protect yourself from the tides and nasty monsters. This is of course only possible in a separate fortress with a workbench, bed and fireplace.

In most survival games, players travel through a post-capocalyptic world or a prehistoric jungle in search of ever better building materials to enlarge their own home and forge better weapons with which to knock on the nasty monsters. As simple as the game principle appears, most survival games are demanding and extensive.

1. “ARK – Survival Evolved”: The classic

Since 2017 gamblers have been pounding their way through the prehistoric and fantasy world of “ARK – Suvrvial Evolved”. In addition to dinosaurs, yetis and dragons also live there. Why, why, why is not really clear. The game begins as mysteriously as its mythical creatures: a naked game character wakes up on the beach and freezes to death, starves or dies of thirst. We are advised to satisfy the ailments of our character and we set out to build clothes and weapons and collect fruits to fill our stomachs.

The character can create new or better things per level up. The game system is simple: as long as we collect new materials and knock monsters, we rise and can create better items. In addition, wild animals and dinosaurs can be tamed. But anyone who struggles to survive alone has to be patient. “ARK – Survival Evolved” is one of the grind-heavy survival games. It is therefore a good idea to bring friends on board to fight for survival.

  • Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

2. “Valheim”: The surprise of the year

“Valheim” is not really on the market yet and is still delighting masses of players. Gamers can purchase the game in early access on the “Steam” platform, but it should not be ready until 2022. Anyone who plunges into the comic-look Viking world today must expect some bugs in the game. Compared to other survival games, “Valheim” is designed a little more for “normal” players.

For example, the Vikings do not need to drink or eat to survive. But food ensures more life points for the character. Otherwise, however, the game system is similar to other survival games. Building a house, for example, requires a lot of resources, so it is advisable not to roam the world alone in “Valheim”.

3. “Minecraft”: Old but gold

“Minecraft” is almost a legend among gamers. Few games have captivated gamers around the world as much as the brick game has. In addition to the ease of use, this is also due to the fact that the game allows its gamblers almost complete freedom and that Minecraft runs on almost every computer.

As with other survival games, the game system is based on exploring the world, mining resources such as wood or ore and making better and better weapons and armor. What do players need weapons for in Minecraft? When night falls in the game, nasty zombies, among other things, see the light of day.

  • Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

4. “Conan Exiles”: The Fantasy Survival

Barbaric: Exposed in a barren desert and tied to a cross, the journey begins in the survival game “Conan Exiles”. After all, a bull’s neck has mercy on our character and releases him from his misery. We reach habitable areas over a river and set about crafting food, clothes and a home. What sets “Conan Exiles” apart from other survival games is magic.

Players can teach their characters to do magic and train them to be fire mages, for example. In addition, the combat system is very demanding: gamers have to actively block or evade attacks. When it comes to attack, there are different combinations that cause a lot of damage.

  • Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows

5. “Hunt – Showdown”: Survival PVP shooter

In most survival games, battles between players are possible – but by no means the main component of the game. “Hunt – Showdown” turns the tables. This is about collecting bounties in a post-apocalyptic world in order to equip your own character. Challenging boss fights await the players at the so-called bounties. If the boss is in the dirt, Loot hails. However, the player is not alone.

Several hunters want to knock down the bosses and sack his treasures. It is important to eliminate them beforehand. And “Hunt – Showdown” is a very demanding shooter in which the gamers always have to keep an eye on their surroundings. A wrong step on a cracking stick can betray your position and endanger your life. The same applies to a carelessly fired shot.

  • Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows

6. “Terraria”: The 2D survival game

Hardly any other game offers as much content as “Terraria”. Because its graphics are kept simple, it runs on almost every computer. As in other survival games, players start in the middle of the game world and have to collect and craft their way up. The cute 2D graphics are deceptive: Anyone who thinks “Terraria” is easy to master is wrong. In addition to the abundance of content in the game, players are particularly enthusiastic about challenging boss fights and dungeons.

  • Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

7. “Don’t Starve”: indie survival

“Don’t Starve” is an indie game with a 2D look. The graphics are almost artistic. The goal is – how should it be otherwise – not to starve to death. This works best in a group. If one of the game characters dies, he becomes a ghost. They are not useless with it. Their fellow campaigners can revive them using game mechanics. During the day, players collect resources that they use to make weapons and armor. It’s all around at night: Various monsters attack the gamblers’ camp and ensure a lot of fun. Of course there are also boss fights.

  • Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

8. “Frostpunk”: Building survival game

Keep the fire alive – that is the core task in “Frostpunk”. The game is more of a building genre and is not the classic survival game in which you knock your way through the desert or jungle. “Frostpunk” is set in an alternate reality in Victorian England (1837-1901). However, the world is suffering from an ice age. Most cities have perished – but not without first developing technology that will enable people to brave the tides.

And that’s exactly where the game begins: In “Frostpunk” you build a new city around a reactor. This reactor is fired with coal and you should use your scarce resources to ensure that its flame never goes out, but that you still expand the city around the reactor. Steampunk fans in particular should enjoy the game, because the design is based heavily on the popular art genre.

Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS

9. “Seven Ways to Die”: Zombie Survival

If you’ve always wanted to let off steam in a zombie apocalypse, Seven Ways to Die is for you. Again, the player ends up in a post-apocalyptic world. This time, however, humanity is to blame for its own misery: In the fictional third world war, the peoples of the earth almost wiped themselves out with atomic bombs. In addition to devastating cities, the radiation also left zombies behind. And that’s exactly what we have to assert ourselves against in “Seven Ways to Die”. Of course, this only works if we collect resources again and use them to put together tools, clothing and building materials.

  • Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS, Linux

10. “Rust”: The veteran among the survival games

“Rust” is also one of the classics among survival games. The level of frustration is slightly higher than with other games because newcomers in particular have a difficult life. They spawn completely naked on the coast and first have to make their way inland to find something to eat and drink. In addition, the game places a high value on player battles. It can happen that well-equipped gamers go hunting for newbies and rivet the nudes with their rifles.

The game shows its age graphically. It was launched in 2013. Even so, Rust still enjoys a large number of players. According to Steamcharts On average, 80,000 players cavorted on the servers in the last 30 days. Not bad for an older game.

  • Systems: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS, Linux


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