Surreal scene after OL – PSG: pressure from Lyon supporters

It is a striking scene of this beginning of the season. The Bad Gones, reunited against OL players liquefied at Groupama Stadium after the new defeat against Paris Saint-Germain (1-4). Last, with only a small point, the Rhodaniens are in the process of touching bottom at the start of the season. And it’s already too much for the group of supporters who decided to take the microphone.

To you, the workforce of Olympique Lyonnais 2023-2024, this message is addressed to you, to some of you already, to those who assume the status of locker room manager. The message is clear, if there are executives in this locker room, they no longer have the right to remain silent. You are wearing the Olympique Lyonnais jersey. You are the ones who wear the OL jersey. Others before you have worn it, glorified it. You have no right to dirty it“, launched quite solemnly the capo of Bad Gones, microphone in hand in the stands.

Faced with Lyon players looking more than crestfallen, the capo continued this development which gave a rather incredible sequence, relayed by Prime Video. “Now that the transfer window is over, the squad is there. We only ask for one thing: to be by your side. But for that, you will have to deserve it. We love this jersey, we respect it. We also ask for another thing: to sing your names. Sing them with love, not like we sang the one of the little s… who left our club in the last six months. We want to sing your names with respect, with love. Because we know you play with love. But we expect you guys to respect our jersey, to tear yourself up on the field and if we have to take pills, it will be with our heads held high. Go OL.”

The Lyonnais could only keep a low profile during this harsh speech. “One can only understand (the speech of the capo). Afterwards we do not calculate our matches, there is nothing. […] There is no positive, no positive”, regretted goalkeeper Anthony Lopes, interviewed by Prime Video.

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