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We only found out about this yesterday End of Fleetsmith reported. Also with the help of an additional entry in a support document, Apple is now informing about the end of macOS servers. The application will still advertised on the Apple websitebut has already been removed from the Mac App Store and as a result, the one specified by Apple will also run download link into the void.

macOS Server was previously available in the Mac App Store at a purchase price of 19.99 euros and was only optimized for the current macOS version Monterey in December 2021. In the now published Message At the end of macOS Server, Apple announced that buyers of macOS Server can continue to use the software solution under macOS Monterey. However, the wording “can continue to use the app with macOS Monterey” also indicates that future system versions will no longer be supported.

macOS Server: Functions have been removed for four years

The end of macOS Server has been on the horizon for a long time. Originally introduced in 1999, Apple wanted to provide a powerful central software solution for companies and schools – tasks for which Apple now uses the Apple Business Manager and the Apple School Manager has specialized solutions in its portfolio that are independent of macOS Server. Accordingly, the scope of performance of Apple’s server software has been steadily reduced over time.

The massive cuts and ultimately the discontinuation of macOS Server are based on an initial one announcement from 2018. Four years ago, Apple started to cut the range of functions of its in-house server application. Accompanying the removal of key components, Apple has encouraged users of the software to look for alternative solutions and one associated with it overview of alternatives available to replace the removed server components.

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