Sunk! Basketball fan wins $20,000 with free throw

Watch the video: Sunk! Basketball fan wins $20,000 with incredible free throw.

He aims, throws and hits.

This direct hit causes the whole stadium to tremble.

Subsequently, Johnnie Durossette from Muskogee, Oklahoma, runs
excited about the field.

Placemark: Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, USA
Date: January 05, 2023

During halftime of an Oklahoma City Thunders vs. Boston Celtics game, the fan was invited onto the field to perform the difficult center-field throw.

And that in front of all the spectators in the stadium.

Should Johnnie score, he would receive $20,000 in prize money.

Despite the enormous pressure, he managed to throw the basketball into the basket from the middle of the field.

Not only the joy of the winner, but also the joy of the spectators and the mascot is great.

One thing is for sure: for this young man, that $20,000 is almost certainly a great way to start the new year.


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