Summary of live AMA with Lootex

1. Can you recommend a short Lootex for us to know?

Our company name was originally Lootex, derived from Loot Exchange — a game item store for Metaverse. We are dedicated to building a gamer-centric in-game asset market. where players can easily browse and trade popular game assets

2. Who is the official partner of Lootex and what can that partner do?

We are a partner of Infinity Ventures Crypto, YGG SEA, Avocado Guild and many more.

Such partnerships will strengthen our existing community.

Our role is to provide them with all the resources they need to achieve common goals. Which is to gather everyone in the Metaverse. We may work together to create new systems that may be released in the near future. And if you are a gamer who frequently participates or trades on Lootex, We may recommend that you join a guild as well.

3. Please tell me the difference between Lootex and OpenSea.

Compared to OpenSea, Lootex places more emphasis on the user experience of GameFi NFT trading and with our upcoming features such as: Lootpedia, Lootswap, Cross-chain exchange, customized gaming user interface. It gives users the most efficient and cost-effective NFT trading experience from our platform.

We also take pride in promoting our users. They are able to offer their NFT projects right in our marketplace. which gives them the opportunity to be known even more. And this is the unique business model we have created.

The platform’s original dual token system, $LOOT / $GP, will also play a crucial role in the Lootex ecosystem as we aim for the community. As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, we would like to focus on our community of gamers who hold a large amount of $LOOT / $GP (User Gamer’s Power) tokens.

4. You said that Lootex is releasing 2 tokens: $LOOT and $Gamer’s Power ($GP token). What is the difference between these two tokens?

The $LOOT token will be awarded to our users.

Purchasable, stakeable, $LOOT will be used to incentivize GameFi projects/gamers/traders and NFT collectors in the ecosystem, and in the future it may be used to Rewards for users who are continually engaged with the community. Especially players who are willing to share game strategies, news and updates.

As for the token ($GP), it will be a governance token that will not be available for purchase. It can only be obtained from stale LOOT.

It will give you the privilege of whitelisting and giving away prizes.

It will be given to the top guilds first as well.

The $GP token is our governance token, it is used to reward our supporters who stake their $LOOT token. The gamified user interface within Lootex channels gives that user profile something that stands out from the rest. The more GP tokens a user has, the faster they’ll be able to participate in the Lootex Launchpad whitelist.

Additionally, this GP Token is not available for purchase or transfer. The GP token is tied to the amount of $LOOT tokens staked and will be deducted upon the termination of stake.

5. Do you give any privileges to the first generation of community participants (pioneers)?

Yes, we have an ongoing event on our Discord channel where we will be giving a total of 500 Lootex badges within Discord only. Holding these badges will give you some benefits, such as earning a future NFT airdrop. Recently, we’ve given away 5 Doge Dad NFTs on December 25, 2021, and each NFT also has a price area of ​​0.7BNB.

6. What is Lootex’s vision?

Our ultimate goal is to make Lootex a DAO-style organization. We want to do everything in one place. Everything we build now is the foundation of our community. We believe that having a strong community supporting us will help us pave the way to the top of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

7. Can you tell us a little bit about lootex’s plans?

We will divide it into 4 quarters this year.

-In the first quarter, we will build a better trading/launching platform.

Game Asset Launchpad has been launched.

It also plans to support additional chains (eg AVAX/FTM…etc).

including shopping malls about the game (For better trading experience of players)

And most importantly, Lootpedia, which is a game guide for in-game items.

in the second quarter We will create a better gaming/trading experience for users.

will set up a profile page for each gamer (Photo of yourself, cover photo, favorite game… etc.)

There is also a “Lootswap-Chain Game Virtual Treasure Exchange System”, risk-free in-game trading of virtual treasures via smart contracts.

And we hope that we will have a virtual store built within The Sandbox as well.

In the third quarter, we will build a multi-line blockchain gaming ecosystem.

including the “Decentralized Game Launchpad”

There will also be NFT rental and borrowing services, and most importantly, we hope that will happen. “Cross Chain and Cross Currency Payments”

and in the last quarter We will enter the world of Metaverse! full form

There is an advanced player-to-player trading function.

Organize more activities in The Sandbox Metaverse.

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