Successor to Tobias Hans: Rehlinger is Saar Prime Minister

Status: 04/25/2022 11:40 a.m

The state parliament has elected Anke Rehlinger as the new Prime Minister of the Saarland. In a secret ballot, she received more votes than the SPD, which has an absolute majority, has seats in the state parliament.

With 32 out of 51 votes, the Saarland state parliament elected Anke Rehlinger from the SPD as Prime Minister of the Saarland. That was three votes more than the members of their parliamentary group. According to their boss Josef Dörr, the three members of the AfD faction voted for Rehlinger. 26 votes were required for the election.

First SPD head of government in Saarland

Shortly after her election, Rehlinger was sworn into office. The 46-year-old Rehlinger is the first social democratic head of government in Saarland. She replaces Tobias Hans from the CDU at the head of the government.

Rehlinger’s SPD had achieved an absolute majority in the state electionsso it can govern without a coalition partner.

Previously, Heike Becker was the first woman to be elected President of the Saarland state parliament. It is the highest office in Saarland in terms of protocol.

Hans hands over official business

After she was sworn in, Rehlinger was received by her predecessor Hans in the State Chancellery. There the official business will be handed over to her.

Rehlinger presented her government team on Thursday last week. The associated ministers will be sworn in on Tuesday.

One of the biggest challenges for Rehlinger’s government is structural change in Saarland.

The SR radio news also reported on this topic on April 25, 2022.

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