Style review: Men who shit their pants like Ronaldo – Panorama

Even in our tolerant, compassionate society, which always strives for respect and decency, there are of course limits: For example, men who rummage with their hands in their trousers in public.

It’s disgusting, carnal, sexist – and should be severely punished. Men’s hands belong on the side of the body, only in exceptional situations can you maybe cover your mouth with them or something. Everything else, as long as it doesn’t happen within your own four walls, has to be really well thought out. The non-club soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, just dug his hand in his pants for a few seconds during a competition watched by millions of interested spectators worldwide. There he was apparently looking for a candy, chewing gum or other stimulant, which he then put in his mouth.

With this shocking gesture, Ronaldo leaves everyone with good taste. Just like his colleague Podolski once did when he justified a similarly critical movement by his coach Löw with the words: “I think 80 percent of you and I scratch your balls.” That will not do!

ALL live broadcasts should be accompanied by a warning in the future. Sports associations, on the other hand, should concentrate on allowing new, more contemporary forms of functional clothing. For example, if Ronaldo had dug out his lollipops from under an armband during the preliminary round match between Portugal and Ghana – we would not have had anything to complain about in our little stylistic criticism.

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