Stunning, the Marseillais make the hole! – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (OM 3-2 FCN) – Football

Winner of FC Nantes (3-2) after being behind twice, Olympique de Marseille carried out an excellent operation this Wednesday in Ligue 1 by consolidating their place as runner-up with 6 points ahead of their pursuers.

Payet carried OM with a double from the penalty spot.

Led twice, Olympique de Marseille showed character by overthrowing FC Nantes (3-2) on Wednesday on the occasion of the 33rd day of Ligue 1.

Beyond temporarily delaying the coronation of PSG, this hard-fought success above all allows the Marseille club to carry out an excellent operation by taking a 6-point lead over its competitors in second place in the standings.

Girotto weighs down the atmosphere

After a first alert in the Marseille area with Geubbels who was too short to take a cross, OM responded with a free kick from Payet deflected fingertips by Lafont. Over the minutes, the Marseille possession turned into real pressure on the opposing goal. Launched in the back of the defence, Harit had a goal ball but, hampered by Coco, the Moroccan lost his duel against Lafont, then Lirola’s cross passed in front of the goal without finding a taker… Compact, the Nantes block was not far from cracking. And yet, totally against the course of the game, the Canaries took the lead on a header from Girotto, completely lonely from a corner (0-1, 26th).

Payet gallise, Nantes takes the lead!

From then on, Jorge Sampaoli’s men increased their pressure. If Bakambu missed the equalizing ball on a shot that was not straight enough, Kamara ended up getting a penalty for an obvious mistake by Pallois. Payet was responsible for transforming it to equalize (1-1, 39th). Except that OM were absolutely not calm afterwards and Coco immediately put the visitors back in the lead with a volley on a badly cleared ball (1-2, 41st). A real blow to the head of the Marseillais yet convincing in the game but less effective…

Free Harit the Vlodrome

The locals, however, returned from the locker room with good intentions and Gerson obtained a new penalty, again transformed by Payet, author of a double for the equalizer (2-2, 55th). Determined to win, OM pushed on and, after failures from Bakambu then Milik, entered the game for their big comeback and defeated by Lafont, Harit ended up breaking through the opposing wall, without celebrating his goal against his training club ( 3-2, 75th). If Lopez had to intervene in two stages against Bukari to preserve the advantage, OM won a deserved success against Nantes, reduced to ten in the last moments after Coco’s expulsion.

The score of the match: 7/10

With 5 goals scored and several turnarounds, Stade Vlodrome was treated to a show! Even if the Marseille defense made two big mistakes and even if the two Nantes penalties were avoidable, we witnessed an open and pleasant game played at a good pace in a good atmosphere.

The goals :

– Cyprien superbly strikes a corner on the right which finds Girotto, totally alone, in the middle of the area, who takes over with a powerful left header from Lopez (0-1, 26th).

– On the right side of the surface, Pallois intervenes late and hits Kamara’s foot. Logical penalty. Payet transforms him into a low force despite Lafont starting on the right side (1-1, 39th).

– Following a poorly repelled corner, Pallois, on the right, makes a superb cross with the outside of his foot, which Saliba clears on Coco who takes over powerfully with a half-volley that leaves Lopez no chance (1-2, 41st) .

– On the right of the surface, Gerson makes a hook which traps Fabio, who tackles him late. Payet transforms the penalty again by taking Lafont on the wrong foot (2-2, 55th).

– After a one-two with Payet, Gerson is served on the left side of the surface. The Brazilian temporizes and crosses back for Harit who takes over victoriously from the right (3-2, 75th).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Dimitri Payet (7.5/10)

As a good captain, the attacking midfielder showed great composure in this match by scoring twice on two penalties which enabled OM to equalize each time. The Habs also proved to be interesting in the use of the ball and he is the penultimate passer inspired on the goal of Harit. Author also of defensive returns which have been good.


Pau Lpez (5): lined up in goal for OM for the second time in a row, the Spaniard had a frustrating match for a long time, losing on the only two shots on target from Nantes, without his responsibility being questioned. But the goalkeeper is decisive at the end against Bukari.

Pol Lirola (5): preferred Rongier, the right side has shown a face in progress. Rather applied defensively despite some hazardous clearances, the Spaniard offered an interesting and intelligently combined offensive contribution. Author of a dangerous 0-0 cross. Replace the 86th minute with Valentin Rongier (not not).

William Saliba (4.5): solid in the duels, the central defender did not concede anything against the Nantes attackers. But the Habs are not exempt from any reproach on the second opposing goal with its too soft clearance and in the axis. And his placement isn’t flawless either on Nantes’ first goal… Very interesting on his raises.

Duje Caleta-Car (5): an uneventful match for the central defender who showed his physical qualities to gain the upper hand over the Nantes attackers.

Luan Peres (4): in wanting to save a touch, the left side misses and concedes the corner which leads to the opening of the Nantes score… Despite some approximate placements, the Brazilian had the merit of raising his head then by closing rather his hallway well. Replace the 86th minute with Pope Gueye (not).

Matto Guendouzi (5): without being bad, the midfielder seemed a little inside this evening and he did not display the energy that we usually know him. The Habs broke the opposing lines several times but not with their usual intensity.

Boubacar Kamara (6.5): the midfielder proved to be valuable again, whether through his defensive returns, his pressing or his well-felt raises. A successful match for the future Senegalese international, who obtains in addition to the penalty of 1-1 but is not exempt from any reproach on the opening of the opposing score, even if he took Saliba on the spot .

Gerson (7): like his hook which allows him to obtain the second penalty then his very clean decisive pass for Harit, the Brazilian had a good evening. The midfielder hit a lot to try to make the difference and he didn’t count his efforts.

Amine Harit (7): author of the winning goal, the attacking midfielder had the class not to celebrate him against his training club. Riding on his current form, the Moroccan played a full match, with great availability, good shifts and runs behind the opposing defense. Too bad he loses his face–face with Lafont 0-0. Replace the 90th minute with Sead Kolasinac (not not).

Cdric Bakambu (4): preferred Milik, the striker did not show the same efficiency as the Pole. If the Congolese was sharp and inspired in his calls, he however failed in the last gesture and notably missed an equalizing ball 1-1 from a tight angle. Replace the 69th minute with Arkadiusz Milik (not not)back from injury and defeated by Lafont on his only opportunity.

Dimitri Payet (7.5): read the comment above.


Alban Lafont (4): with three goals conceded, the bill is dirty for the goalkeeper, who bows on two penalties. With his good outing against Bakambu 0-0 then his stoppage against Milik in the second half, the goalkeeper did the job but without being as decisive as usual to save his team.

Sebastien Corchia (3): complicated match for the right piston, who had trouble cutting the Gerson-Payet connection and whose offensive contribution was almost non-existent…

Dennis Appiah (4): author of muscular interventions at the start of the game, the right defender had more difficulty over the course of the game, intervening more and more often late.

Andrei Girotto (5.5): author of the opener with a header, the central defender repelled a few hot balls without however displaying as much authority as his understanding Pallois.

Nicolas Pallois (6): a contrasting match for the central defender, overall author of boss interventions in the area and who also performs a superb cross from the outside of the foot on the 2nd goal of the Canaries. But his penalty conceded against Kamara tarnishes his record. Replace the 70th minute with Kalifa Coulibaly (not not).

Marcus Coco (5.5): expelled at the end of the game for a second yellow card, the left piston spoils a rather interesting evening with his goal before the break and his decisive comeback on Harit 0-0.

Ludovic Blas (4): an unexciting game for the attacking midfielder who generally struggled to exist and be decisive in the area that matters. Replace the 46th minute with Fabio (3)who concedes the second opposing penalty in a largely avoidable way…

Samuel Moutoussamy (5.5): the midfielder played the warrior game expected of him and the Congolese fought hard to recover the ball which ended up in the 2-1 goal for his team.

Wylan Cyprien (6): his quality on set pieces made the difference and his superbly struck corner allowed Girotto to open the scoring. More neutral in the game.

Moses Simon (4): the winger made a few counterattacks but he was not as sharp as usual in his register while percussion. Replace the 46th minute with the sharpest Osman Bukari (5)defeated by Lopez on Nantes’ best opportunity in the second act.

Willem Geubbels (4): favorite Kolo Muani and surprise of the starting lineup, the striker did not justify the choice of his coach and he was too short on his rare opportunities. Replace the 70th minute with Quentin Merlin (not).

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MARSEILLES 3-2 NANTES (mid-time: 1-2) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 33rd day
Stadium: Orange Velodrome, Marseille – Referee: Ruddy Buquet, France

Goals : D. Payet (39th, pen.) D. Payet (55th, pen.) A. Harit (75th) for MARSEILLE – Andrei Girotto (26th) M. Coco (41st) for NANTES
Warnings : Luan Peres (35th), A. Milik (87th)for MARSEILLE – L.Blas (32nd), Mr. Coco (45+1st), Fbio (81st), D.Appiah (90+1st), Mr. Coco (90+4th)for NANTES

MARSEILLES : Paul LpezW. Saliba, D. Caleta-CarPol Lirola (P. Gueye, 86th), Luan Peres (V. Rongier, 86th)Mr. Guendouzi, B. Kamara, GersonA. Harit (S. Kolasinac, 90th), C. Bakambu (A. Milik, 69th), D. Payet

NANTES : A.LafontD.Appiah, Andrei Girotto, N. Pallois (K. Coulibaly, 70th)S.Corchia, W. Cyprien, S. Moutoussamy, Mr CocoW. Geubbels (Q. Merlin, 70th)L. Blas (Fbio, 46th), Mr. Simon (O. Bukari, 46th)

Pallois and Nantes gave OM a hard time.

Payet pulled away to allow OM to equalize twice.

Harit hurt his former club.

An important victory for Guendouzi and Milik in front of their home crowd.

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