Stuffed animals embark with the firefighters to reassure toddlers

We knew that bikers had heart and they proved it once again this weekend in Rennes. Grouped within the association Rennes Bretagne Chapterabout thirty Harley Davidson enthusiasts handed over 562 stuffed animals to the firefighters of Ille-et-Vilaine on Saturday.

Last year, the bikers were even more generous by donating 700 stuffed animals. All these teddy bears will soon board the department’s 102 rescue and victim assistance vehicles.

“Allow children to indicate where they hurt”

The initiative aims to reassure young children when they are taken care of by firefighters. “They sometimes have trouble communicating, which is normal when faced with a person who is foreign to them and who is moreover in uniform”, explained in 2019 to 20 minutes Sergeant Jérôme Le Breton, on the occasion of the first donation of soft toys. “Soft toys have a reassuring side, and this can allow children to indicate where they are hurting,” added Thierry Kolodziejek, the biker behind this operation, at the time.

All the vehicles are now equipped with stuffed animals, this last delivery signals the end of the partnership signed between Rennes Bretagne Chapter and the firefighters of Ille-et-Vilaine. But promised, the bikers have not finished being generous with other operations to come in the coming months.

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