Study: The smartphone is becoming a health tracker

The smartphone becomes a health tracker

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Smartphone manufacturers are constantly equipping their devices with new functions, and app programmers are inventing additional applications. Some things only become more popular with consumers after some time.

According to a survey by management consultancy Deloitte, almost two thirds – 63 percent – use the Smartphone owners in Germany use their cell phone or a watch linked to it to monitor vital or health data. The most popular method is counting steps. 46 percent use this function, as the authors write in the published study.

The distance traveled daily and the pulse measurement follow in second and third place. Only 37 percent said that they did not monitor any vital and health data via smartphone or watch. At the end of August, Deloitte surveyed a representative population sample of 2,000 people between the ages of 16 and 75, 93 percent of whom owned a smartphone.

The study was not specifically about health apps. The authors wanted to find out which of the many cell phone functions are actually used. Accordingly, many customers use their smartphone and/or smartwatch in everyday life as a kind of “digital Swiss knife” for a whole range of applications, including bank transactions and payments, online searches and purchases.

Age plays a big role in user behavior

The study also suggests that payment functions will also be available. Overall, 26 percent of those surveyed said that they use mobile payment services very often or always. According to Deloitte, however, there is no comparative data from the management consultancy’s previous surveys. However, surveys conducted by other companies and organizations a few years ago revealed even lower user rates for mobile payment services.

According to Deloitte, age plays a major role in user behavior: in the 65plus generation, just 11 percent of those surveyed often pay with their smartphone.


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