Study: Men who wear a corona mask are more attractive to women

Mouth and nose protection
According to the study: men who wear a corona mask are more attractive to women

According to the study, the blue surgical mask performed best

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Less is more – that apparently applies in the age of masks: British researchers want to have found out that men who wear mouth and nose protection are more attractive to women.

After a good two years of the pandemic, mouth and nose protection has become an integral part of everyday life. On the train journey lasting several hours, when the glasses fog up again or when rummaging in the bag before visiting the kiosk: the masks are annoying – as important as they are in the fight against Corona.

At least there is something good about the unloved fabric visors: According to a study published by Cardiff University in Wales, women find men with face masks more attractive. Several British media had reported on the bizarre research results.

Medical masks are said to have deterred people from Corona

Before the pandemic, things looked very different, says Michael Lewis, a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology and co-author of the study, according to the British “Guardian”. According to studies, medical face masks were still considered unsightly at the time. The reason: people would have inevitably associated mouth and nose protection with diseases. As part of the recently published study, the researchers wanted to find out whether the pandemic has shifted this perception.

The first part of the study was carried out in February 2021. 43 women were asked to rate pictures of 40 male faces on a scale of one to ten for their attractiveness.

In the photos, the men were either not wearing a mask, wearing a simple cloth mask, wearing a blue surgical mask, or holding a black book over the part of the face that the mask otherwise covers. The study does not mention the FFP2 masks that are by far the most suitable for virus protection.

The result: Men who wore a mask are said to have performed significantly better.

Blue surgical masks perform best

“It has to do with evolutionary psychology and why we choose our mates the way we do,” Lewis said. Illnesses and external characteristics that appear unhealthy could play an important role in the choice of a partner. A shift in our psychology can now be observed, the scientist said.

The women found the pictures with the blue surgical mask most attractive. This could have something to do with the fact that we usually associate these masks with medical staff. “At a time when we feel vulnerable, we may find wearing medical masks reassuring and therefore more positive about the wearer,” Lewis said, according to Sky News.

According to Lews, another explanation could be that the masks drew the subjects’ attention to their eyes. Studies have already shown that covering the left or right side of the face also makes people more attractive. One of the reasons for this is that the human brain tries to fill up the half that is not visible – and in doing so tends to overshoot the mark.

The second part of the study with reversed gender roles has not yet been published. According to Lewis, however, the results are largely in agreement.

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