Students get up early to get their fix

On the Aix-en-Provence campus, students wait to be vaccinated. – Alexandre Vella / 20 Minutes

  • The department is organizing a vaccination campaign for students at the University of Aix-Marseille.
  • Despite the end of the university year, the students are there and the operation is extended until next weekend.
  • Note the presence in number of foreign students, for whom vaccination is not always open to their age group.

You had to get up early to receive a first dose of vaccine and avoid a long wait under the already fiery Provençal sun. Shortly before 10 a.m., a hundred students from the University of Aix-Marseille were queuing up, waiting to be taken care of by the department’s mobile vaccination unit, a furnished and medicalized bus. Harol arrived at 8:30 am He waits in the shade, in the shade, numbered ticket in hand. “There were already a lot of people and I had planned to study at the library first. But when I saw that, I got in line, ”says this student of international public law.

After a first stop on the Lumini site, the bus moved to Aix-en-Provence this Thursday for two days. “We have planned 100 Pfizer doses per day,” explains Emmanuel Reboul, head of the department’s vaccination campaign. “With the possibility of having it delivered again, if necessary”. At the rate of 40 injections per hour, the need does not take long to be felt. Emmanuel Reboul negotiates a new delivery of 100 doses from 10:30 a.m. Despite the end of the university period, the students are there.

Two vagal discomforts

The failure to make an appointment seems to have decided the students. “It’s easier,” summarizes Sarah, who studies chemistry. “Anyway, if you want to travel, you have to do it a bit,” Sarah continues. The announcements of the establishment of a health pass to access certain places and events also prevail. Pierre may study theater and have a little eccentric side with his overalls, he remains radically pragmatic. “It’s not to catch the covid”, he replies before turning to his friend Léa, who adds: “and also, if we need it at the start of the school year, for college and concerts”. “And the nightclubs! », Pined Pierre who leaves vaccinated and QR code in hand.

Among the students met today, few fear the side effects although two first-time vaccines have briefly lost their eyes, suffering from a drop in blood pressure. “This is a phenomenon that we had not observed in the elderly,” explains Emmanuel Reboul. “Monday also, there is a young person who made a small vagal discomfort after injection”. Another interesting observation is the presence in number of foreign students. Such as Lucia, a German who wanted “to be vaccinated as soon as possible. But this is not yet possible for students in my country, ”she regrets. In Lumini, they represented nearly half of the 182 vaccinated on the day, indicates Emmanuel Reboul.

Initially scheduled to stop on Tuesday, the vaccination operation on campuses should eventually last until the end of next week.

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