Strike of interns and medical students this Thursday

Anger does not fall back into the health sector. Interns and medical students are again called to demonstrate and strike this Thursday against measures intended to force them to settle in medical deserts.

In the afternoon, a national procession is planned in Paris and several demonstrations in the regions, in particular in Lyon and Nantes, at the call of organizations of medical students (Anemf) and interns (Isni and Isnar-IMG ). On October 14, these organizations had claimed “more than 10,000” demonstrators and “40% strikers”.

“Demagogic measures” regrets the Isnar-IMG

They protest against the addition of a fourth year of internship in general medicine, which must be carried out “as a priority in areas where the medical demography is under dense”, according to the Social Security financing bill (PLFSS ). Its article 23 is in the crosshairs of interns, as are several bills aimed at regulating the installation of doctors.

“These are demagogic measures, which are ineffective in terms of access to care, general practitioners already being the best distributed doctors in the territory”, estimates Raphaël Presneau, president of Isnar-IMG (interns in general medicine ). For the president of Anemf, Yaël Thomas, creating a fourth year of postgraduate studies to train generalists makes “no sense given the lack of internship supervisors and teachers”.

The minister loose ballast

The Minister of Health, François Braun, dropped the ballast by announcing an amendment to the PLFSS to allow certain internships to be done in the hospital, and not only on an outpatient basis. “This is progress, which proves that we have been partially listened to,” notes Olivia Fraigneau, president of Isni. But the government amendment was not retained in the version of the Social Security budget voted on Tuesday by the Senate, and will have to be presented again at second reading in the Assembly. The government should again use article 49.3 of the Constitution before the deputies at the beginning of next week on this text, a choice which bristles interns and students.

The latter are also moved by the ban on temporary work at the hospital at the start of their career and the threats weighing, according to them, on the “replacement license”, which allows interns to work as a liberal. They are also calling for better pay for the guards. “When there are upgrades, the interns are systematically forgotten,” laments Olivia Fraigneau.

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