Strike continues: Bahn accuses GDL of blocking

Status: 03.09.2021 10:06 a.m.

In the first instance, the railway failed with an urgent motion against the GDL strike. The group appeals and speaks of a “blockade” attitude of the union. The continues to strike.

After the defeat of Deutsche Bahn before the labor court in Frankfurt, the strike of the German Locomotive Drivers’ Union (GDL) continues. The GDL confirmed the planned continuation of the work stoppage on Friday morning.

On Thursday, the labor court rejected an urgent application by the railway against the GDL strike. A court spokeswoman justified this with the fact that “it was not possible to establish with sufficient certainty” that the strike was “pursuing inadmissible collective bargaining goals”.

GDL train drivers’ strike continues

Andreas Clarysse, HR, Morgenmagazin, 3.9.2021

Bahn calls strike “unspeakable” and “completely excessive”

The railway now wants to have this judgment examined in the second instance before the State Labor Court of Hesse. “No matter how it ends today, we have to try,” said Bahn spokesman Achim Stauß about the appointment in the ARD morning magazine. “Because this strike is unspeakable, it is completely excessive – also in its length.” The GDL leadership must urgently give up its blockade attitude and return to the negotiating table. Stauß also referred to the poor financial situation of the railway, which made the strike difficult.

“Unspeakable and completely exaggerated”, Achim Stauß, spokesman for Deutsche Bahn, on the ongoing train drivers’ strike

Morning magazine, 3.9.2021

GDL remains confident

GDL boss Claus Weselsky said after the first court decision on Thursday that the chamber had made it clear: “The industrial action is legal, it is permissible and it is also proportionate.” Looking at a second court hearing, he was confident: “I think we are also on the right track with our arguments and our actions. As it should be,” said Weselsky. “We will continue the labor dispute until this Deutsche Bahn AG makes a materially reasonable offer,” said the GDL boss. “We are always ready to negotiate when Deutsche Bahn makes an offer.”

The GDL rejected an improved offer from the group management on Wednesday and refused negotiations. One of the main reasons for the rejection is the fact that the offer of the railway should not apply to all GDL members. According to GDL boss Weselsky, the railway planned to limit the scope of a new collective agreement to the drivers, as before. “This makes it clear that DB wants to withdraw some of the GDL members’ constitutional rights,” the unionist told “Spiegel”. This threatens to split the union with first and second class members.

Emergency timetable in long-distance traffic is to be expanded

For the time being, the strike continues: In regional and S-Bahn traffic, around 40 percent of the trains are on the move, said Deutsche Bahn. Due to the different strike participation, the offer fluctuates regionally: There could be stronger restrictions – similar to the previous strikes – in the eastern federal states and some metropolitan regions.

For the weekend, the railroad expects a slight expansion of the timetable offer in long-distance traffic from 25 to 30 percent. Long-distance trains between Rostock, Berlin and Dresden should also be on the way on Saturday and Sunday. One thing is certain: According to Deutsche Bahn, travelers must expect restrictions and full trains in the coming days. Customers are therefore well advised to postpone trips.

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