Streaming: These feel-good series put you in a good mood

Rainy weather, heartache or a stressful day at work – there are countless reasons why you sometimes just want to make yourself comfortable on the couch and watch TV fare. Escaping reality through streaming is not always the solution, but it is at least an option.

Streaming fun for good entertainment

What has proven to be most effective in depressing moments when you’re craving distraction: feel-good series that make you smile and simply put you in a good mood.

All the better that the streaming offer now has a lot more to offer in the way of feel-good series apart from classics like “How I Met Your Mother”, “Modern Family” or “The Big Bang Theory”. Whether Young Adult, romantic comedies or streaming fun with friends – everyone gets their money’s worth here.

From “Emily in Paris” to “Sex Education”: The photo series above shows the best feel-good series.

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