Straßlach – Prize for the village pond – district of Munich

The Straßlacher know that their pond is a jewel. It was no coincidence that Mayor Hans Sienerth (independent) welcomed his guests to this special place in the summer. Now the municipality of Straßlach-Dingharting has got it in black and white that the pond is a little gem that not many municipalities have in their midst: the body of water was awarded silver as part of the federal program for biological diversity. Sienerth’s deputy Peter Schneider (UWE) accepted the award. He often looks proudly at the pond, “it’s a small place full of happiness,” said Schneider when the certificate was presented. The pond had previously been put through its paces in mid-October by employees of the “Thousands of Gardens – Thousands of Species. Green Oases, Native Animals and Plants” project according to a catalog of criteria for a natural garden. The checklist included, for example, proximity to nature, native wild plants, rich structures, high ecological value and the avoidance of fertilizers and poisons. “Our pond in Straßlach offers all of this,” says a press release from the community. After the refurbishment, it became Straßlach’s calling card, as planned.

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