Storms can lead to “extreme flash floods” in Bavaria – Bavaria

In southern Bavaria in particular, there is a risk of severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and gusts of wind on Monday evening. In some places, severe weather with heavy rain of up to 40 litres per square metre within a short period of time is also possible, the German Weather Service announced in the afternoon. In some places, amounts of up to 70 litres per square metre are also possible.

The Flood Intelligence Service (HND) announced that “extreme flash floods” were possible, especially in the southwest of the Free State, due to the rainfall. On Monday, the HND expected that during the night into Tuesday, smaller bodies of water in particular could overflow within a short period of time and cause flooding, which would then quickly recede again. However, the exact flood risk could be “difficult to predict locally”. The experts therefore advised people to keep an eye on severe weather warnings from the German Weather Service.

In the afternoon, the DWD initially only published preliminary information on the risk of severe weather. According to the DWD, large hailstones were also seen during the thunderstorms on the edge of the Alps during the night, and heavy gusts of wind of around 80 kilometers per hour cannot be ruled out, according to the weather service. According to the DWD’s forecast on Monday, the weather situation should initially ease somewhat in the following days.

For Tuesday, the weather service initially expects rain to continue in the eastern low mountain ranges and near the Alps, which is expected to subside from the afternoon onwards on the eastern edge of the Alps and in the Bavarian Forest. Elsewhere, a mix of sun and clouds and isolated showers are to be expected – with maximum temperatures between 17 and 21 degrees.

There will be sunny spells in southeast Bavaria on Wednesday morning, but some rain is expected in western Franconia. As the day progresses, the rain will move eastwards, and showers and local thunderstorms are possible from Lower Franconia to Swabia. Temperatures will be between 18 and 23 degrees.

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