Storm: Over 100 injured after record rain in Hong Kong

Over 100 injured after record rain in Hong Kong

People with umbrellas battle strong winds and rain from Typhoon Saola in Hong Kong. photo

© Daniel Ceng/AP/dpa

Streets turn into raging rivers, subway stations fill with water. The Chinese Special Administrative Region has virtually come to a standstill after the heaviest rains since 1884.

With record rainfall and flooding, Hong Kong more than 100 people were injured. In addition, at least two people died in the severe storms, the Hong Kong newspaper “South China Morning Post” reported on Friday, citing the police.

The government of the Chinese Special Administrative Region spoke of “extreme conditions”. Schools remained closed and companies were asked to give their employees time off.

The heavy rains began on Thursday evening. On Friday night, the weather station in Hong Kong registered a new rainfall record. At the observatory headquarters, 158.1 millimeters of rain per square meter was measured within an hour. This is the highest since records began in 1884. A “black warning” has been issued for further heavy rain.

John Lee on Facebook: “Rain of the Century”

Images of full underground car parks and flooded subway stations were shared on social networks. Many streets turned into raging rivers. There were also landslides. Prime Minister John Lee spoke on Facebook of a “rain of the century” and called on the population not to go outside if possible.

Extreme rainfall and flooding also occurred in the neighboring Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen.

Just at the weekend, typhoon “Saola” hit the region with heavy rain and squalls. Unlike the rainstorm now, the authorities had warned about “Saola” long in advance.


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