Storm: At least one dead, dozens injured in typhoon in Japan

At least one dead, dozens injured in typhoon in Japan

Waves pound the shore in Miyazaki. photo

© Uncredited/Kyodo News/AP/dpa

Since then, the Japanese have lived with forces of nature such as earthquakes and typhoons. A particularly violent typhoon causes heavy rain and strong storms in the island nation. Dozens of residents are injured.

An unusually violent typhoon in Japan has killed at least one person and injured dozens more residents. As the Japanese television station TBS reported on Monday, at least 75 residents suffered injuries on the severely affected southwestern main island of Kyushu and in other parts of the country as a result of the strong gusts of wind. In Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, a man in his 60s was pulled unconscious from his flooded car and later pronounced dead, the broadcaster said.

The power went out at times in hundreds of thousands of households. More than four million households in Kyushu and western Japan were called upon to seek shelter from the squalls and heavy rains. The authorities warned of the danger of landslides. Japanese television stations showed images of fallen trees, damaged house facades and flooded streets. The now 14th typhoon of the season is considered unprecedentedly dangerous.

Public transport was affected and hundreds of flights had to be cancelled. Meanwhile, the typhoon continued to move in a northeasterly direction and is likely to cause heavy rain on the main island of Honshu with the capital Tokyo on Tuesday.

In the past few weeks, heavy rainfall has repeatedly hit large parts of the island kingdom and caused severe flooding in some cases. As a result of global warming, Japan is experiencing increasingly heavy rainfall. As a result, landslides are occurring more and more frequently in the very mountainous island state.


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