“Stern TV am Sonntag”: Dieter Könnes is the new moderator

“stern TV on Sunday”
Dieter Könnes is the new moderator

Steffen Hallaschka (left) gets support from Dieter Könnes.

© RTL / Guido Engels

Reinforcement for Steffen Hallaschka: Dieter Könnes will support the “stern TV” team in the future.

From April 24th, RTL will broadcast the new show “stern TV am Sonntag” (also on RTL+). Steffen Hallaschka (50), who already has his hands full with the Wednesday and special editions of “stern TV”, will receive support from Dieter Könnes (50) for the Sunday format. According to the broadcaster, the two moderate the show alternately.

“For me, a dream comes true. ‘stern TV’ is an absolute premium brand on German television,” Könnes is quoted as saying by RTL. The viewers can expect “a wide range of topics that move us all, as well as emotional and profound discussions with the people affected,” says the moderator.

The “stern” brand is being expanded further

With “stern TV am Sonntag” the broadcaster would like to further expand the “stern” brand. In the studio on Sundays, the two moderators not only welcome the studio guests who tell their stories and fates, but also a changing celebrity panel. In addition, viewers can take part in voting and publish video statements and contributions via social media.


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