Starbucks Odyssey Unveils First Limited Edition ‘The Siren Collection’ NFT

Starbucks Odyssey, the popular coffee company’s Web3 loyalty program, has released the first limited edition of its NFT token, dubbed “stamps.” The program is currently in beta. It allows invited members to perform activities such as quizzes and in-store purchases to earn stamps. which can be accumulated or resold on Nifty Gateway

2,000 items in the “Siren Collection” consisting of the company’s iconic Siren, priced atstampAt $100, Starbucks Odyssey members can purchase two stamps at a time. And can pay by credit card or connect to MetaMask wallet.

The collection sold out in 18 minutes and sales in the secondary market skyrocketed, with the Siren Stamp floor currently priced at $379.

Starbucks launched the Odyssey program on the Polygon blockchain and aims to provide a friendly experience for non-crypto marketers where stamps can only be purchased with credit cards.

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