Sport, children, furniture… These second-hand apps that you may not know

“You’re not wearing it? Sell ​​it. If that phrase doesn’t ring a bell, it could be that you haven’t laid eyes on a TV screen or a cell phone in two years. This slogan is, since 2021, that of Vinted, the famous platform for the sale and purchase of second-hand clothing and accessories.

Famous, and for good reason: whether the interest is financial, environmental or both, online second-hand is popular. A French Internet user in two bought at least one second-hand good in 2021, and more than 80% of these followers have already sold online, according to a study published by FEVAD and KPMG in September 2022.

In addition to the stars in this field – Vinted, therefore, Leboncoin or even Vestiaire Collective – other more specialized offers have emerged in recent years. Childcare, sport, furnishings, cultural products, 20 minutes introduces you to several applications that you might want to adopt.

To take a tour in the world of childhood

Beebs, it’s like Vinted, but 100% dedicated to the world of childhood. This second-hand application allows its million users, according to the platform, to buy clothes, toys, diapers, hygiene products, books, video games and school supplies for babies, children and even teenagers up to 80% cheaper, again according to Beebs. Regarding sales, special attention is paid to advertisements. “In addition to very strict algorithms, a team of around 30 people manually checks certain categories of products”, including diapers, which are only authorized “if they are unopened”, explains Morgan Hilmi, its founder.

In the same universe, there is also Reedoo. In addition to buying/selling, the platform offers a leasing subscription at 29.99 euros per month. “We are partners of Natalys, Sergent Major and Du Pareil au Même, and we offer our subscribers a complete wardrobe in the world of childcare”. An option that therefore plays on the very short lifespan of the items that baby needs. “You choose the products you need, a stroller for example, and at the end of the rental, you can decide to buy it or return it to exchange it with another product. The returned item will be reconditioned and available in the second-hand offer of the brand in question”, explains Thomas Zemmour, the founder of Reedoo, to 20 minutes.

To facilitate the transmission of cultural items

For comics, mangas, CDs, vinyls, DVDs, Blu-rays or video games, you can go to Momox. For those who are sellers, here’s how it works: once the barcode of the item is scanned on their smartphone, the platform offers a buyback price. If the owner accepts it, he only has to print the shipping label provided by the application. Once the package has been received by Momox – it can be up to 30 kg, with several articles – the products are verified, the seller is paid and the article(s) are put online, intended for buyers. potentials.

Moreover, if there are many objects that are easily accumulated (and forgotten on the shelves), they are books. And that, Recyclbook understood it. If the purchases of second-hand books happen on the site, the sale is made on the application, in the same way as at Momox. “We receive around 25,000 books per month, which we put on sale between 16 cents and 15-20 euros, listed by category”, informs us Anaïs Radou, the application manager. Two other applications work on the same principle: BookVillage And The Book Exchange.

To maintain your physical fitness, indoors and outdoors

Athletes also have the right to their second-hand application. With Sporteed, in addition to buying and selling, “you can customize the app according to the sports you like and you can follow athletes,” says Greg Cottret, its founder. Online meet more than 35,000 products and 100,000 users. For cycling aficionados, the Biked app offers an unusual service. “When a bike for sale on our app is purchased, we send a shipping kit to sellers with a box to pack it, and we pick it up to deliver it to the buyer,” says Olivier Roche, its founder. .

Fans of outdoor activities can download campside And barooders. Winter sports, hiking, trail running, climbing, mountaineering: the equipment for these practices is often expensive. “The budget of a hiker is around 800 euros per year”, illustrates Thomas Gounot, co-founder of Campsider. The key, according to Campsider, up to 80% reduction compared to new for buyers.

To play Valérie Damidot

Finally, 20 minutes has unearthed three apps for you on the furniture, household appliances and decoration side. The first, (or rather the first, because it currently only exists as a website), is Youzd. Mattresses, sofas, furniture, televisions, washing machines, the reductions range from 50 to 80% compared to the price of new, depending on the site. On the “after-sales service” side, “we have set up, for household appliances, a breakdown assistance option at 14.90 euros when purchasing an appliance, which gives unlimited access to a video call with a repairer, because 50% of these are easily fixed problems”. In the absence of a commercial guarantee, the costs of an intervention by a repairer will otherwise be borne by the new owner.

For the souls of decorators, there is Selency. This digitized flea market publishes the ads of its 10,000 improvised sellers and attracts around 2.5 million buyers per month, according to figures from the platform. You will find wall decoration, lighting, linens and tableware. And if you’re looking for a mix between the two, why not give it a try Izidore ? Decoration, furniture, and household appliances: to date, around 6,000 ads are online.

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